Your Bright Recovery

Episode 15: Healthy Grieving with Kate J. Meyer, MDiv, LPC

August 22, 2022 Kate J. Meyer, MDiv, LPC Season 1 Episode 15
Your Bright Recovery
Episode 15: Healthy Grieving with Kate J. Meyer, MDiv, LPC
Show Notes

What does healthy grieving look like?

How do we embrace all of the emotions surrounding profound loss?

What is disenfranchised grief - or grief that is wrapped into the stigmatization of addiction loss?

Join Caroline Beidler, MSW as she talks with Kate J. Meyer, MDiv, LPC, who is an ordained minister and licensed professional counselor.

Kate has worked in both private practice and hospice care.  She is passionate about

bringing grief into the light so that all grievers know how to move forward in a healthy,

life-giving manner. Kate is also the author of The Red Couch, a novel about past

mistakes and a challenge to overcome them. She is a dog mom living with her husband in

Western Michigan. 


The grieving process is part of being human, but far too often,

 grievers are pushed out of grief and rushed into rejoicing

that their loved one is in heaven. 

Licensed professional counselor and ordained minister Kate Meyer is

an experienced, warm, practical guide to walk you through the

grieving process. In Faith Doesn’t Erase Grief, she encourages

grievers and shows them how to find hope.

Grief is a difficult but natural part of life. For grievers, professional

helpers, and those wanting to better understand loss, let Faith

Doesn’t Erase Grief help you embrace the fullness of grief and

discover the first steps toward hope.

Get your copy today at your favorite bookstore!

Connect with Kate at and

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