Your Bright Recovery

Episode 11: What Happens in the Downstairs Church? (and a bit more about my book)

June 26, 2022 Caroline Beidler, MSW Season 1 Episode 11
Your Bright Recovery
Episode 11: What Happens in the Downstairs Church? (and a bit more about my book)
Show Notes

Join host Caroline Beidler, MSW as she explores the concept of radical vulnerability and how this is played out in the recovery community.

What happens in the Downstairs Church?

Find out why Caroline wrote her new book Downstairs Church: Finding Hope in the Grit of Addiction and Trauma Recovery and what happens in the radically vulnerable spaces of the addiction and mental health recovery community.

How can we bring the lessons learned from the recovery community into the light? What can we all learn about life change and transformation?

In the last year alone, there has been a record of overdose fatalities and a rise in substance use, especially for women. Tragically, many are living in the darkness of shame often created by the consequences of addiction like sexual violence and even death. 

In DOWNSTAIRS CHURCH: FINDING HOPE IN THE GRIT OF ADDICTION AND TRAUMA RECOVERY, I explore the problem of addiction and trauma for women today and then highlight the freedom—and hope—that can be found in the recovery community. 

I also share with the radical vulnerability required of addiction and mental health recovery, something that everyone can benefit from. 

When we share our stories of struggle in real ways, authentic transformation can happen.


🌟 Encourages readers through personal testimony that they are not alone in their experience

🌟 Teaches from a first-hand account about the realities of addiction and how trauma can impact a female family or church member

🌟 Accesses current trends and statistics woven in with story-telling to learn more and combat the stigma of addiction and trauma for their loved ones

🌟 Addresses the stigma of addiction and trauma, promoting more love and tolerance by affected family and faith communities.

🌟 Provides a call to action to get involved in addiction recovery efforts or access recovery support services. 

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