Your Bright Recovery

Episode 9: Family Recovery By Design with Naetha Uren

June 18, 2022 Caroline Beidler, MSW Season 1 Episode 9
Your Bright Recovery
Episode 9: Family Recovery By Design with Naetha Uren
Show Notes

How can families recover together?

Join host Caroline Beidler, MSW as she talks with Naetha Uren about family recovery. Naetha shares her experience living with 4 generations in recovery and how to move into a place of healing with your family. She also talks about recovery coaching and what a coach is and isn't.

If you are struggling with a family member or curious about how to recover as a family, this interview is for you!

Naetha Uren is the founder of Recovery Coach Academy (Ltd.) in the UK, specializing in CCAR Recovery Coach Academy© Training. They support the training and implementation of recovery coaching among individuals, communities and organizations.  Naetha is a Recovery Coach, trainer, facilitator, speaker and the glue to 4 generations living under one roof.  As the first CCAR Recovery Coach Professionals in the UK and CCAR facilitators, Naetha & her daughter Calliese bring a unique perspective; (professionally and personally to the people they work with.)  Recovery Coach Academy provides additional workshops, guest experts, and ongoing training and support; they have created an amazing, growing community that they support and celebrate.

Connect with Naetha and learn more about her offerings here:
Twitter: @Training_RCA  

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